Since 2011, LUXURYLAB.MX brings together top Mexican and international professionals of the luxury sector in order to share research and knowledge, grow professional networks, and create synergies between companies in the high-end goods market: fashion, wine & spirits, tourism and lifestyle, among others.

Each year, Mexico City is the place where the industry’s decision-makers, CEOs, managers, and regional directors of the market’s most exclusive brands, who exchange information about trends, success stories and market indicators attend to a one day conference and listen to eight experts in the high-end market and share their experiences. Abelardo Marcondes, CEO of LBN is the founder of this project, that was born because the lack of information of the luxury market in Mexico.

Based on the success of LUXURYLAB.MX, LBN held the first luxury travel forum in Mexico and Latin America on March 2014. As LUXURYLAB.MX, the travel version is a daylong forum, but it focuses on luxury travel experiences. The event also seeks to encourage environmental consciousness within the luxury travel sector.

The objectives that LUXURY.MX & LUXURY TRAVEL share are to present to present the most up-to-date information on the luxury tourism and luxury goods market, as well as the most exclusive conversations with top local and international speakers, to support local brands and bring them data, tools and networking opportunities that will allow them to grow both nationally and internationally, and to create consciousness for brands and luxury sector executives about the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The fourth edition of the summit was held in August, this year, in the St. Regis Hotel Mexico City, where 200 attendees were able to enjoy a one-day conference by eight speakers, experts in the luxury sector and two panels conformed by persons with big experience in the field.

LUXURYLAB.MX & LUXURYLAB TRAVEL have held very worldwide reknowned speakers in all their editions such as June Haynes (Valentino), Thimio Sotos (J Brand), Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist), Fflur Roberts (Euromonitor), Kathryn Minshew (fundadora de The Daily Muse), Joel Muñiz (Boston Consulting Group), Liz Swig (Forever Green NY), Philippe Kjellgren (Hotel Insider) y Julia Chaplin (Gypset Style), among others.

In August 2015, the fifth edition of LUXURYLAB.MX will take place, adding LUXURYLAB TRAVEL in two-days conference where all the exclusive information and most relevant tendencies of the luxury travel and market will be shared.