Lead bravely in a borderless world – Dialogue Q4, 2019 available now!

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Here is what you can expect, from the desk of Dialogue editor, Patrick Woodman   “We live in a borderless world.” Reading that statement, would you regard it as a self-evident truth, or palpable nonsense? A case can be made either way. Today’s ‘metanationals’ span the globe, flying employees where … Read more

Great marketers are turning to micro-influencers

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Small is beautiful, writes Kirsten Levermore With the rise of celebrity culture, partnerships and sponsored promotion of products and services have played a significant part in many big marketing campaigns. Today, the use of popular personal social media accounts – so-called ‘influencer marketing’ – consistutes an estimated 10% of the … Read more

Marketing must help business become a force for good

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION John Davis makes a call to action “The world is changing. It just isn’t changing fast enough,” says Dr Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University. There is no question that our leaders and companies must change if they’re to survive in an increasingly chaotic world. But Dr Hayhoe’s comment is … Read more

The GC People Leader Series meets…Game Changer and Polisher, Ben Walker

In this instalment of The GC People Leader Series, we meet LID Business Media’s Head of Media, Ben Walker Award-winning multimedia head Ben Walker still describes himself first and foremost as a journalist. Working his way through the ranks of cub reporter to editor before settling into his current role of Head of Media at global publisher … Read more

Certainty is overrated for some

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Many cultures are comfortable with not knowing What are the consequences of culture? Professor Geert Hofstede and his team have for over 20 years been undertaking research into culture, both national and organizational. The work started in the 1970s with a study of IBM employees. More than 100,000 questionnaires were … Read more

Let’s talk: transformation

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION It’s business as usual until we hit the triggers for change, writes Liz Mellon Transformation: a noun meaning a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.Transformation is a consultant-driven nirvana, often sought but less often achieved. Can companies and entire industries really transform themselves? Incumbents frequently fail to change, so … Read more

Enter the chief purpose officer

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Roche India’s Lara Yumi Tsuji Bezerra sets an example for organizations The C-suite is growing in names as well as number. Where there were once a CEO and a CFO, the COO, CMO and CDO are now key roles. As the scope of business responsibilities has broadened, so has the … Read more

Nobody is born into business

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Who wants to be an entrepreneur? Maybe she’s born with it? Actually, it turns out she isn’t. And nor is he, or them, or any of the other millions around the world who have made a great living as successful businesspeople. Research from Duke and Harvard universities reveals that anyone … Read more