App for Leaders: Facilitating virtual collaboration

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Miro facilitates virtual collaboration, writes Perry Timms With virtual, remote or home-based working suddenly the norm in 2020’s pandemic-affected world, what tools could help recreate some of the in-person moments we’re missing? Miro is one candidate. It replicates the use of sticky notes on a whiteboard for creative thinking and … Read more

How to quantify the unquantifiable

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Purpose can be measured after all, as the IFC is showing Purpose has long been considered an intangible. Not any more. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has changed the game with its invention of the Anticipated Impact Measurement and Monitoring (Aimm) system. The … Read more

Rethink strategy from first principles

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The paradigm has changed. Leaders need to rethink strategy from first principles, argues Tony O’Driscoll Over the past quarter-century as a business school professor, I have almost invariably begun courses with one simple question: “Why do firms exist?” Equally invariably, students respond: “Firms exist to make money!” When I ask, … Read more

Stay fast and focused

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The latest research on business agility from Joe Perfetti underlines the imperative for leaders to move at pace The Covid-19 crisis has taught business the importance of speed. With brutal clarity, we have seen that what matters in business is not just how profitable a company is; it is also … Read more