Dialogue Q2, 2021 – Available now!

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The pandemic has been marked by “the rise of e-everything”. Consumers are “e-browsing, e-buying, e-paying, e-media-consuming” in unprecedented numbers. Such, at least, is the view of Alan Jope, chief executive of the Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant Unilever. “We expect that will continue,” he added: “We can rely on people’s use of … Read more

Dialogue Q3, 2020 – Available now!

Here’s what to expect, from the desk of editor Patrick Woodman As this issue of Dialogue goes to press, much of the world is in a state of lockdown unknown – indeed, unimaginable – at any point in most of our lifetimes. The impacts of Covid-19 will be far-reaching and hard to predict. Its lethal … Read more

This little-known Canadian immigration policy could help London shrug off Brexit

London visas based on regional immigration policy in Commonwealth nations could open up post-Brexit London, writes Ben Walker  Just a month after the UK voted to leave the EU, politicians in Britain are starting to think creatively how to secure the nation’s economic future outside the European Union. So-called Brexit Lite – whereby the UK … Read more

Dialogue Classic – Here’s the truth. Successful people read books. Other people stare at a screen

  Every teacher told us that the googlebox wouldn’t help us succeed. Now it’s proven, writes Ben Walker What do successful people do with their spare time? Do they slump in front of the 9pm show on their sumptuously appointed home cinema? Do they bask in the sun listening to music bounced from their gold … Read more

Conversation matters and we are just starting to realize it

  A leading psychologist says it is finally dawning on people that the death of conversation is wrecking business and personal life. Ben Walker reports from the Drucker Forum in Vienna Humans are just waking up to the fact that technological addiction is damaging relationships and reducing our ability to collaborate effectively, says a top … Read more

The robots are revving up to take your jobs

  Ben Walker reports from the Drucker Forum in Vienna Even highly skilled professionals will see a threat to their jobs from robots in the coming years, delegates to this year’s Drucker Forum have been warned. Professor Tom Davenport, an expert in management and IT, used the Drucker Forum in Vienna to warn the audience … Read more

‘Want to know the difference between network and community? Try asking your Facebook friends to paint your house’

  Ben Walker reports from the Drucker Forum in Vienna Distraction has become a “huge force in the world” that is wasting business time, damaging productivity – and reducing leaders’ abilities to build communities. That is the withering analysis of eminent global management expert Henry Mintzberg. Mintzberg used the 7th Global Drucker Forum in Vienna … Read more

Name the world’s two largest French-speaking cities. You might be wrong

Demographic and economic change in the developing world is upsetting the old order, writes Ben Walker Montréal always used to be Number Two. The Quebecois city had a great claim to fame – it was the second largest Francophone city in the world after Paris, the capital of the Mother Country. Not any more. Booming … Read more