WBC2014 – Special offer for NAWBO members and conference attendees

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 09.33.50Special offer for NAWBO members and conference attendees

From Dialogue business magazine

Dialogue is an insightful quarterly publication for business leaders and managers worldwide. In partnership with Duke Corporate Education, we provide vital business conversations, investigating how businesses can not only survive, but thrive in a global business environment.

Simply click here if you want to read Dialogue online on your desktop…

…Or click here if you want to download Dialogue for your tablet or mobile phone in ePub3 (how to download an ePub3).

And follow us on Twitter @dialoguetweets and you could be 1 of 5 winners of a print subscription to Dialogue and a free book – The Conscious Leader by Dr Shelley

Just send us a tweet that looks like this:

Hi @Dialoguetweets #WBC2014

so we know you are from the conference! (We’ll follow back to confirm submission)

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