Leadership for good

In a world defined by social, political and environmental change, we ask: can leaders and businesses do well by doing good?

In this issue of Dialogue, Dean of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Bill Boulding explores how decency in leadership constitutes a competitive advantage; Michael Chavez and Sudhanshu Palsule emphasize the importance of aligning individual and corporate purpose, giving new meaning to work; and Steven P. MacGregor evaluates the ROI of employee wellbeing.

Finally, we consider if business can be a force for sustainability. Chandran Nair argues that only the state can deliver a sustainable future, while John Davis makes a compelling call-to-action for marketers to drive sustainability in their organizations, urging a radical rethink of the discipline’s priorities.

We hope that this issue serves as a reminder to you, leaders: no matter your organization, paygrade, or job title, you have the power to lead prosperous businesses while at the same time serving the societies in which you operate.

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