An extraordinary commitment to learning yields extraordinary results

Pamay Bassey discovered the secret to learning in 365 days – and unlocked business value that will last a lifetime READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Challenging times bring many things to an end – projects, jobs, even organizations. But they also offer the opportunity for new beginnings. A crisis can be the perfect moment to … Read more

The myth of closed systems

In complex, unbounded systems, every interaction is meaningful READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Under lockdown, boundaries have at once become both greater and fewer. The physical boundaries between us have increased to an extent that would have been presented as science fiction, had anyone suggested it in the autumn of 2019. How we miss a … Read more

Two ways to immediately raise the probability of positive outcomes

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The professional poker player, Annie Duke, has written that the outcome of any given poker hand is based on two factors: the cards she and other players are dealt, and her skill in playing the hand. At its simplest, her aim is to achieve a positive strategic outcome. Leaders in … Read more

Negotiate like a woman

Everyone wins, including men, when feminine leadership behaviours take centre stage READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If someone said that you “negotiate like a woman”, what would you think? Would you think they meant you were too emotional? Would you take it as an insult, insinuating that women are no good at negotiation? Negotiation has … Read more

Culture by design

When Pramod Bhasin created financial services firm Clix, he realized it needed a culture that put customers first and overcame industry norms READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Shortly after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company launched its legendary ‘Think Different’ ad campaign. Featuring iconic people who had changed the course of history, … Read more

Modelling culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Perry Timms uncovers the Schneider Culture Model Time to reboot this column: from smartphone apps, to organizational ‘apps’ – the big ideas that help make sense of how we interoperate with each other and with systems of work. My first pick flows, inevitably, from thinking about the pandemic’s impact on … Read more