Not surviving but thriving

Some firms have seized the opportunities created by the pandemic READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The downsides have been well documented. Few businesses would choose to trade in a global pandemic. Yet much less has been spoken about the positives, which – while much more limited – were very real. For many companies, the shock … Read more

Making the jump

Thinking about taking a leap into cyber currencies? Leaders would be well advised to weigh the risks carefully READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Boardrooms the world over are asking themselves a new and critical question: should we accept cyber currencies for payments? It was reported early in 2021 that Tesla had bought $1.5 billion of … Read more

Built for speed

The latest research shines a light on some of the world’s quickest-moving companies READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION One of the traits of an elite athlete is speed. The very best out-pace their opponents, move across the field much faster, and react quicker than their peers. In 2021, the elite athletes of the corporate world … Read more

It’s hard to quantify agility – so don’t try

Phil Young considers the agile tests that simply don’t measure up READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION People are our greatest asset.” One hears this from time to time in motivational speeches. I sometimes jest with audiences in my seminars that, for finance professionals, people are expenses rather than assets. But whether the literal finance definition … Read more

Five steps for business impact

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Creating value is about exceeding expectations. For any business decision, we must understand the expectations of the decision-maker, and provide a path to exceed those expectations. For leaders and managers seeking approval from their colleagues in the finance function for new projects and initiatives, this is an increasingly urgent priority, … Read more

The role of chief financial officers in agile organizations

Transformational chief financial officers have a critical leadership role to play READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION As organizations navigate a world of disruptive change and quickly changing markets, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is evolving – and fast. CFOs no longer simply ‘keep score’ by measuring financial performance. Increasingly, they are involved … Read more

Doug Watson, a good man in crisis

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Dignity Health chief financial officer Doug Watson is on the frontline in America’s fight against the virus It’s 8.30am mountain time at Ground Zero. Doug Watson meets me in the modern way, over Zoom, from his kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s early summer and the intense heat of the desert … Read more

Starting up a start-up culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Agility, constant learning and customer obsession underpin world-class banking When you hear about a large, established business yearning for a start-up culture, what comes to mind? For most it is some version of more speed and efficiency, and fewer operational disconnects. As big organizations look to rediscover the vitality of … Read more

Normal planners need not apply

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A changed lexicon points to a changed reality Twenty years ago, I uttered some words to the wise. I told my seminar audiences that if they wanted to sound like an MBA or business consultant, they should, within the first five minutes of their presentation, use any of the following … Read more

Don’t be blind to how the climate affects your bottom line

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Jim N R Dale says it’s time to get weather-savvy We live in strange and often disturbing times as far as weather and the climate are concerned. Unchecked wildfires, devastating floods, catastrophic droughts, unprecedented heat and uncommon freezes have all come to the global fore in the past few years. … Read more