Let’s talk: transformation

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION It’s business as usual until we hit the triggers for change, writes Liz Mellon Transformation: a noun meaning a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.Transformation is a consultant-driven nirvana, often sought but less often achieved. Can companies and entire industries really transform themselves? Incumbents frequently fail to change, so … Read more

Be 1% better

Small is bountiful. Adopt a 1% better plan for dramatic personal change, writes Jared Bleak [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/full_book_dialogue_q2_2018_00c75a7dc64042/46″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] You want to lose that pesky 10lbs. You want to get in better shape and improve your energy levels. You want to begin meditating and become more mindful as a … Read more

Change the way you change

Many change programmes are doomed the second they get out of the door, write R Kendall Lyman and Tony C Dalasio [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/digital_book_for_issuu/38″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations … Read more