Hacking inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION To make connections in diverse groups, target the brain’s pattern recognition systems Diversity and inclusion requires a hacker’s mindset. At a personal leadership level, better understanding how the brain works can equip you to build more diverse and inclusive relationships. While corporate and political leaders work to engineer professional and … Read more

The great global experiment

Thanks to the pandemic, a corporate culture of innovation has belatedly arrived READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The boxer Mike Tyson once mused that “everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth”. The pandemic was a powerful right hook across the jaw of governments and businesses. Plans, strategies – processes followed to … Read more

The case for white box AI

As AI’s power grows, humans need to be kept in the loop, say Terence Tse, Emily Liao, Danny Goh and Mark Esposito READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION There is no doubt that the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) can make our lives easier. However, the benefits of AI adoption are accompanied by many new … Read more

Moving into the future

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION An ambitious modernization agenda is beginning to transform the International Monetary Fund The world today is under stress. Crises like Covid-19 and climate change converge with social injustices and rapid technological advances. ‘Business as usual’ simply won’t work. Reaching that conclusion is easy enough: the challenge is exactly how to … Read more

The power of participation

Create the right infrastructure for employees to share ideas and drive innovation READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION From time immemorial, the power to drive growth and change has been reserved by the upper echelons of business. Transformational decisions have been made behind the closed doors of a ten-person boardroom. This is still a familiar narrative … Read more

The rise of Asia’s lifestyle super apps

All-in-one platforms are leading the way for integrated services, writes Anna Gong READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The convergence of new technology and changing consumer behaviour is driving the transformation of businesses around the world – and nowhere more so than in Asia. The rise of lifestyle ‘super apps’ across the region is redefining the … Read more

The rise of digital leadership

As the technology revolution accelerates, Ryan McManus considers the leaders organizations need to succeed READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leadership in the analogue economy was relatively straightforward: competitors were largely fixed, investment flows were primarily into established companies, the pace of innovation was tame and primacy was placed on the efficiency of operations at scale. … Read more

Lessons from the virtual classroom

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION   The disruption caused by Covid-19 spurred organizations around the world to seize the opportunity to innovate in their learning and development. They were forced to ask: “Should we convert our learning programmes to virtual? Should we delay delivery until it is safe to go back to the classroom, or … Read more

India’s new energy

From zero to hero: the problem child is growing into a poster boy READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I knew which way the wind was blowing. Exactly two years ago, I risked ridicule on these very pages by comparing India with Scotland. On the face of it, this was indeed an outlandish comparison. A windswept … Read more