Medtronic: Innovation versus the pandemic

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A spirit of invention and a fresh approach to collaboration have underpinned the fight against Covid, as Medtronic’s story shows Of all the changes sparked by Covid-19 throughout 2020, no sector has been impacted more than health care and health technology. For many organizations, the crisis has brought to the … Read more

How to build an invincible company

The world’s most innovative cultures are built on a combination of leadership support, organizational design and great practices READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION What makes a business world-class at innovation? The companies we work with all invest a substantial amount of resources in innovation – yet they are almost always frustrated by the progress of … Read more

Breakthrough innovation demands a shift in culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Take a leap Too much so-called innovation is dressed-up incrementalism: a series of entirely predictable changes that are minimalist, gradualist and build on what is already there. I prefer to use a word beloved of Charles Darwin. When discussing trends in biological evolution, he talked about the opposite of incrementalism … Read more

This is a moment for personal and organizational reinvention

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Innovation must have purpose, writes Sanyin Siang Google the words ‘innovation and business’ and you’ll get nearly a billion results, showing just how far innovation occupies the minds of business leaders today. And why not? In a volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) world, the rules that our predecessors operated … Read more