How to measure work

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION How we measure work – the time it takes to do something – has been the subject of debate since FW Taylor’s famous writing on the ‘science’ of management. Today, the idea of ‘work sizing’ – estimating an amount of work – is coming into its own as a way … Read more

Intelligence sprints

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry,” as 18th-century Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote. The perils of a VUCA world, it’s safe to say, were not on Burns’ mind: but if that truth could be observed in 1785, what are the perils of planning in our … Read more

Modelling culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Perry Timms uncovers the Schneider Culture Model Time to reboot this column: from smartphone apps, to organizational ‘apps’ – the big ideas that help make sense of how we interoperate with each other and with systems of work. My first pick flows, inevitably, from thinking about the pandemic’s impact on … Read more

App for Leaders: Facilitating virtual collaboration

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Miro facilitates virtual collaboration, writes Perry Timms With virtual, remote or home-based working suddenly the norm in 2020’s pandemic-affected world, what tools could help recreate some of the in-person moments we’re missing? Miro is one candidate. It replicates the use of sticky notes on a whiteboard for creative thinking and … Read more

The modern condition

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Yuval Noah Harari’s latest tome is a masterly exploration of the modern condition, writes Perry Timms Eulogized by President Obama and Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens (2011) was a powerful reminder of our humanity, while also being a book about technology – or, technologies. It wasn’t just about today’s … Read more

Apps for leaders: Realtimeboard

How many meetings and innovation sessions have you sat in where the only certainty is the use of the flipchart, sticky notes or whiteboard? We bring people to a place; the discussion and energy is good and the outputs often inspirational and practical. What if you could replicate that in real time but using your … Read more