Hacking inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION To make connections in diverse groups, target the brain’s pattern recognition systems Diversity and inclusion requires a hacker’s mindset. At a personal leadership level, better understanding how the brain works can equip you to build more diverse and inclusive relationships. While corporate and political leaders work to engineer professional and … Read more

The rise of digital leadership

As the technology revolution accelerates, Ryan McManus considers the leaders organizations need to succeed READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leadership in the analogue economy was relatively straightforward: competitors were largely fixed, investment flows were primarily into established companies, the pace of innovation was tame and primacy was placed on the efficiency of operations at scale. … Read more

Care and compassion need to be hard-wired into digital systems

Sanyin Siang considers the human side of technology READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Digital technology has played a significant role in our lives since the pandemic upended our plans for 2020. Our interactions with other human beings have primarily been through machines. My kids are learning in virtual classrooms. We are celebrating major holidays through … Read more

A brief guide to digital technology

Leaders need to understand the basics of new technologies and how they can drive transformation. Mark McDonald explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The economy of the 2020s is a digital economy. Digital technology is making business activities and resources more information-intensive and more connected than ever before, and transformation using digital technology is near … Read more

The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond

Singapore shows that government, corporations and start-ups all have a role in driving digital transformation across society, says Michael Netzley READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Good ideas often share easily. Consider, for example, paper moving westward from China along the Silk Road, or the industrial revolution spreading globally from England. Today, one might look at … Read more

Virus tech is real and terrifying

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION This pandemic was a mistake. The next might not be The English have a neat take on Hanlon’s razor. “Never attribute to conspiracy,” they say in London, “what can be adequately explained by cock-up.” This is useful to have in mind when analysing world events, the pandemic among them. A … Read more

AI bias is a myth. Human bias is the problem

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Fair judgement is being crushed by data, writes Vivek Wadhwa Enough of the nonsense. AI isn’t inherently biased. The world as humans shaped it is. AI is merely a fast computer system which recognizes the patterns that we have taught it. It is several orders of magnitude bigger and more … Read more

Leading into the unknown

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Marc Haberkorn leads into the unknown “You’re up against a vast, powerful machine,” says Marc Haberkorn, chief digital officer of IBM’s hybrid cloud integration division. We’re talking about how organizations are changing in response to digital disruption, but Haberkorn doesn’t mean ‘machines’ in the sense of technology. He’s talking about … Read more