Simon Sinek takes us to infinity, and beyond

Leaders need an ‘infinite mindset’ and a ‘just cause’ to inspire and guide us READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION These days we don’t build businesses to last. According to McKinsey, in the 1950s the average life of a quoted company was 61 years; today, just 18. According to Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and author of … Read more

All change

A world on fire demands that we reimagine capitalism READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION There is a growing sense that the 2020s will be the decade when climate change policies really bite. In November 2021, the COP26 climate change conference will take place in Scotland. Important international agreements are expected. They may have major implications … Read more

Outsourcing the human toolkit to machines is a mistake

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Written before we knew what a ‘coronavirus’ was, long before we had entered the dramatic and tragic worldwide pandemic that unfolded during 2020, Uncharted is actually all the better for being Covid-blind – and one of the few books that hasn’t become outdated overnight. Its basic premise is that the … Read more

Making innovation work

Invention emerges from failure, wrong turns and collaboration READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If we want to live in a world that can feed its growing population and lift everybody out of poverty, we must do more with less. In short, we must innovate – yet, all too often, ‘innovation’ is used as a marketing … Read more

Letter from America

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The time is ripe for this practical guide to the assumptions and norms that inform American business behaviour and corporate culture. Working with Americans is the work of Allyson Stewart-Allen, a Californian who has lived and worked in London for over three decades, advising on transatlantic business, and Lanie Denslow, … Read more

Saying what needs to be said is laden with risk

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Nevertheless, speak up and listen up, says Piers Cain As Megan Reitz and John Higgins discuss in Speak Up: Say what needs to be said and hear what needs to be heard, we like to think that speaking up – and, equally importantly, listening – are core values of our … Read more

Move on: The Next Great Migration

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A history of migration opens eyes even if it doesn’t do what it says on the cover The Next Great Migration is a misleading title. Nowhere in more than 300 pages does Sonia Shah – an insightful and entertaining science writer who produced 2016’s Pandemic – draw a practical conclusion … Read more

We need a culture of compassion at work

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Don Jones discovers the Human Moment Social distancing is one of the flurry of new words and terms that has swept through our language in 2020, spreading at the speed of Covid-19 itself. For many, social distancing and isolation have been hard pills to swallow. We are, by nature, social … Read more