Marketing’s good crisis

The pandemic highlighted the key role marketing departments play for their businesses. And that’s reflected in the numbers READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION When Professor Christine Moorman pored over the results of her 2020 survey of chief marketing officers, she spotted something remarkable. In a year of intense crisis, of cutbacks, of pandemic-triggered economic panic, … Read more

Marketers should speak to all our senses to create great post-lockdown experiences

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Around the world, millions of consumers have been spending months in confinement, isolation and quarantine. Lockdown has narrowed our horizons dramatically – and now, consumers are craving satisfying sensory experiences like never before. As restrictions are tentatively lifted and people re-emerge, marketers should aim to create memorable, positive experiences, with … Read more

Consumer behaviour has been changed permanently by the pandemic. How can marketers adapt?

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION It’s time to experiment Our economies may be reopening, but we can be confident that consumer behaviour won’t snap back to 2019: not now and not ever. This realization is especially important for companies that rely on strong customer experiences as a competitive differentiator – which is most businesses nowadays. … Read more

It’s great to do good, but brands need to make profits too

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Giles Lury urges companies to repurpose their purpose In the ‘good old days’ before Covid-19, brands were under pressure to shift their focus away from just delivering stakeholder returns. We were living in a world of growing activism: from #MeToo to Extinction Rebellion, from les gilets jaunes to Greta Thunberg. … Read more

Stories are addictive – use them carefully

READ THE GRAPHIC VERSION Ben Shenoy explains the use, and misuse, of the story drug Both the immediate threat of the coronavirus pandemic and the slower-burning climate crisis reinforce the feeling that we live in confusing, disorienting and frightening times. In their recently published book Radical Uncertainty: Decision-Making for an Unknowable Future, British economists John … Read more