Lessons from marketing’s wonder women

It’s time to tell the stories of the female leaders who have built brilliant brands READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Most marketers know the stories of Lord Lever and Steve Jobs. They have probably read Al Ries and Jack Trout and seen the works of Bill Bernbach and John Hegarty. What’s interesting about these ‘masters … Read more

The Q word

Marketing is full of words that have lost their meaning. We need to be more precise READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I hate quality. I do, I really hate quality. I don’t think there is a more over-used and under-valued word in marketing. It has become meaningless. Everything is ‘quality’, from quality soap powder to … Read more

The complete marketer

The ‘whole marketer’ combines technical skills, leadership skills and personal awareness, writes Abigail Dixon READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Marketing’s role has changed significantly over the last two decades. It has evolved from being a support function focused on communications, to one that supports sales and product development teams, to its role today, as the … Read more

A new generation of brands

Data-driven and digitally native brands have many advantages – yet dangers lurk READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A new generation of brands is reshaping the business landscape. Centred on technology, content and entertainment, brands like Spotify, PillPack and Warby Parker are disrupting long-established markets. They are creating a world of seamless and frictionless convenience, with … Read more

Marketers should speak to all our senses to create great post-lockdown experiences

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Around the world, millions of consumers have been spending months in confinement, isolation and quarantine. Lockdown has narrowed our horizons dramatically – and now, consumers are craving satisfying sensory experiences like never before. As restrictions are tentatively lifted and people re-emerge, marketers should aim to create memorable, positive experiences, with … Read more

Five trends that will reshape medical marketing

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Like any field, medicine needs great marketing. Giles Lury asks, how will it change after Covid-19? As with many debates, arguments about what will happen after the Covid-19 crisis often quickly descend into the binary: everything will change, or nothing will change. It’s black or it’s white. When it comes … Read more

Marketing for the next normal

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Covid-19 has underlined that many marketers’ favourite tools are obsolete. It’s time for marketing with real meaning What lifts you up in times of crisis? Humour? The laugh of a toddler? A surprise phone call from a friend? The joy of sharing food with family? Brainstorming? While Covid-19 has forced … Read more

Stand-out packaging is critical

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Product packaging is often overlooked, but can be a critical differentiator for sales and customer experience When it comes to capturing your customers’ attention, marketers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are aiming at the tiniest of targets. The typical customer spends between just three and five seconds assessing whether or … Read more