Negotiate like a woman

Everyone wins, including men, when feminine leadership behaviours take centre stage READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If someone said that you “negotiate like a woman”, what would you think? Would you think they meant you were too emotional? Would you take it as an insult, insinuating that women are no good at negotiation? Negotiation has … Read more

The fine art of negotiation with a more powerful entity

Five Drucker rules for negotiating with powerful entities, presented by William A Cohen We negotiate everything. Our negotiations include starting salaries, raises, terms of employment, automobiles, homes, contracts of all types, commissions, fees, fines, choice vs. not-so-choice hotel rooms, relationships with the opposite sex, table location in a restaurant, marriages, divorces, and peace treaties . … Read more

Negotiating a successful Brexit

Nicole Soames outlines the steps the UK negotiators need to take to ensure Brexit negotiations avoid deadlock, disagreement and disappointment. In what promises to be one of the most complicated political negotiations of all times, the secret to negotiating the best possible outcome for the UK is for UK negotiators to draw on emotional intelligence (EQ) to … Read more

Negotiating with mammoths

Negotiations expert and psychologist Dr James R. Álvarez tells Dialogue how to negotiate with the world’s biggest organizations The Vatican. Government. Universities. Disneyworld. Google. Similar to individuals, corporations like these can enter into contracts, hire employees, and own assets. That, however, is where the similarity stops. Lawyers often refer to corporations as “legal persons” to … Read more

The importance of debate

Debate allows for opinion – no matter how controversial or subjective – to be fully formed and acknowledged, writes Kirsten Levermore   Debate: a formal discussion, often in front of an audience, in which two or more people put forward opposing views on a particular subject; any general discussion on a subject, not necessarily in one place … Read more