The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond

Singapore shows that government, corporations and start-ups all have a role in driving digital transformation across society, says Michael Netzley READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Good ideas often share easily. Consider, for example, paper moving westward from China along the Silk Road, or the industrial revolution spreading globally from England. Today, one might look at … Read more

Lessons from the political entrepreneur

Politics and business can learn from each other, writes Patrick Woodman [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The business-leader–turned-political-leader has been something of a theme over the last year. In the US, Donald Trump positioned himself as the man to bring business savviness to government, selling himself as the dealmaker needed … Read more

Negotiating a successful Brexit

Nicole Soames outlines the steps the UK negotiators need to take to ensure Brexit negotiations avoid deadlock, disagreement and disappointment. In what promises to be one of the most complicated political negotiations of all times, the secret to negotiating the best possible outcome for the UK is for UK negotiators to draw on emotional intelligence (EQ) to … Read more

Robots take jobs in post Brexit UK

Labour market could get worse not better for native workers after European exit, writes Ben Walker Robots could snatch jobs from UK voters who hoped leaving the EU would lead to more job opportunities. The warning came as the future of the UK in Europe was plunged into yet more uncertainty following Prime Minister Theresa … Read more

Baroness Ashton exclusive: How to build a deep democracy

Democracy demands much more than giving people the right to vote, Baroness Ashton writes exclusively for Dialogue “We want what you have – democracy as part of everyday life.” The young man who said this to me had recently emerged from eight years in a prison in Libya. We were standing in a Benghazi hotel … Read more