Not surviving but thriving

Some firms have seized the opportunities created by the pandemic READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The downsides have been well documented. Few businesses would choose to trade in a global pandemic. Yet much less has been spoken about the positives, which – while much more limited – were very real. For many companies, the shock … Read more

An inflection point for inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Creating diverse and inclusive organizations is a bigger imperative than ever. Leaders need to pick up the pace Our consciousness of systemic racism and inequity is heightened. The wave of protests and social unrest that followed the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have combined with the … Read more

Hacking inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION To make connections in diverse groups, target the brain’s pattern recognition systems Diversity and inclusion requires a hacker’s mindset. At a personal leadership level, better understanding how the brain works can equip you to build more diverse and inclusive relationships. While corporate and political leaders work to engineer professional and … Read more

We can share our resilience reserves

Grit ought not be ringfenced to individuals READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Resilience is all the rage. Across the world, no matter how draconian and inhumane the level of lockdown, managers, leaders, executives – let’s call them people – have been encouraged to tap into their psychological resources. The message is universal: the magic tonic … Read more

In the face of adversity

A great team dynamic was critical when Caterpillar and Duke CE decided to pivot to virtual leadership development in the face of Covid-19 READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION In early 2020, the range of opinions on the use of virtual programmes in corporate education was wide and varied. For some, shifting portions of the development … Read more

Lessons from marketing’s wonder women

It’s time to tell the stories of the female leaders who have built brilliant brands READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Most marketers know the stories of Lord Lever and Steve Jobs. They have probably read Al Ries and Jack Trout and seen the works of Bill Bernbach and John Hegarty. What’s interesting about these ‘masters … Read more

The great global experiment

Thanks to the pandemic, a corporate culture of innovation has belatedly arrived READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The boxer Mike Tyson once mused that “everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth”. The pandemic was a powerful right hook across the jaw of governments and businesses. Plans, strategies – processes followed to … Read more

Art of war

Leaders still have much to learn from Sun Tzu’s ancient insights READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Sun Tzu identified five dangerous flaws in a general’s character. Succumbing to these faults could turn otherwise successful military leaders into failures. The best strategy in the world can be fatally undermined by an unhelpful personal trait. Sun Tzu … Read more

A culture of social responsibility

Deep-rooted ideas about the role of business in society have shaped India’s approach to CSR READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now a mainstream concept in business around the world, from the wealthy West to the global South. Nowhere, though, has it had such an impact as in India. India was … Read more

Waking up to diversity risk

It’s time boards paid attention. Diversity, equity and inclusion issues could be material risks to your business  READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Corporate boards and management seem to be finally waking up to the fact they must pay attention to a range of intangible risks – among them, environmental, social, governance and technology risks (ESGT … Read more