Workplace safety is a philosophy, not a technocratic exercise

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Ben Walker reviews the remarkable collection of essays gets that right For a guy who has spent much of his working life on a newsdesk, I’ve had my fair share of workplace accidents. I’ve cut myself with a scalpel when mounting artwork. I’ve fallen over a sandwich board while entertaining … Read more

Cerner chief executive Brent Shafer is hardwired for healthcare

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Necessity is the mother of adoption. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world like a hammer blow, Cerner chief executive Brent Shafer had to convert his $6 billion global healthcare information technology company to remote working almost overnight. “We are a mission-critical system for healthcare providers,” he says, “and we … Read more

What will I find in my free Q4 2017 issue of Dialogue?

Dialogue Q4 2017 is out September 1st. Here is what you can expect, from the desk of Dialogue editor, Ben Walker [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The ladders are disappearing. The pyramids are inverting. Hierarchies are turning from iron to an amorphous fluid. Leadership is no longer about reaching the top … Read more

Name the world’s two largest French-speaking cities. You might be wrong

Demographic and economic change in the developing world is upsetting the old order, writes Ben Walker Montréal always used to be Number Two. The Quebecois city had a great claim to fame – it was the second largest Francophone city in the world after Paris, the capital of the Mother Country. Not any more. Booming … Read more