Andile Nomlala, The Equalizer

Black Management Forum president Andile Nomlala wants a participatory entrepreneurial economy to shape South Africa’s future READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Sometimes, emergency leads to rescue. “There is a parable that says that this world is the best of all possible worlds and everything in it is a necessary evil,” says Andile Nomlala. Much of … Read more

Doug Watson, a good man in crisis

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Dignity Health chief financial officer Doug Watson is on the frontline in America’s fight against the virus It’s 8.30am mountain time at Ground Zero. Doug Watson meets me in the modern way, over Zoom, from his kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s early summer and the intense heat of the desert … Read more

Cerner chief executive Brent Shafer is hardwired for healthcare

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Necessity is the mother of adoption. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world like a hammer blow, Cerner chief executive Brent Shafer had to convert his $6 billion global healthcare information technology company to remote working almost overnight. “We are a mission-critical system for healthcare providers,” he says, “and we … Read more

Purpose is more than a buzz word

Michael Chavez and Sudhanshu Palsule’s seminal work defines ‘purpose’ at just the right time, writes Ben Walker There was a moment in the midst of the coronavirus crisis that shone a light on companies being a force for good. Businesses small and large started working for the people. In America, carmakers Ford and GM raced … Read more

Marketing’s good crisis

The pandemic highlighted the key role marketing departments play for their businesses. And that’s reflected in the numbers READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION When Professor Christine Moorman pored over the results of her 2020 survey of chief marketing officers, she spotted something remarkable. In a year of intense crisis, of cutbacks, of pandemic-triggered economic panic, … Read more

There’s genius in simplicity

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Ben Walker discovers the signs of life Few things divide East and West more than the disparity in the recognition of our business heroes.  Twice now I’ve been humbled by the sheer scale of Chinese people’s patriotic enthusiasm for their business leaders – first at the British Museum in London, … Read more

The Trust in me

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The chief executive of The Prince’s Trust, Martina Milburn, listens to her instincts “If you meet the kids in week one of our programme, on the whole they won’t talk to you,” says Dame Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust, the Prince of Wales’ UK charity for vulnerable … Read more

Stop hiring for experience no one has

Talent-spotters should cultivate a moonshot mindset, writes Ben Walker READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION During WWII, the celebrated physicist Freeman Dyson made an inconvenient discovery. Asked by the Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command to calculate the correlation between the experience of airmen and their chances of being shot down, he found there was none. Crews … Read more

What will I find in my free Q4 2017 issue of Dialogue?

Dialogue Q4 2017 is out September 1st. Here is what you can expect, from the desk of Dialogue editor, Ben Walker [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The ladders are disappearing. The pyramids are inverting. Hierarchies are turning from iron to an amorphous fluid. Leadership is no longer about reaching the top … Read more