Why leadership has to adapt

Today’s strategic landscape is like nothing ever seen before. We need leaders capable of reconciling dilemmas READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If there ever was a moment when the traditional tenets of leadership were deservedly under the microscope, it is now. Anger in the streets, a pandemic, economic upheaval and inequity, fears about the reach … Read more

Two ways to immediately raise the probability of positive outcomes

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The professional poker player, Annie Duke, has written that the outcome of any given poker hand is based on two factors: the cards she and other players are dealt, and her skill in playing the hand. At its simplest, her aim is to achieve a positive strategic outcome. Leaders in … Read more

Coopetition in the new economy

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leaders need to simultaneously cooperate and compete In the emerging global economy, companies are realizing that a substantial part of their value proposition rests on their ability to forge relationships to add value to their customers.The environment for business is continually changing: technology has enabled new levels of international trade … Read more