Common understanding about business efficiency was a casualty of the pandemic

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Rita Gunther McGrath corrects some incorrect assumptions When the ratio of assumption to knowledge is high, spending a lot of time on elaborate spreadsheets is senseless. Post-Covid-19, assumptions have the upper hand. It’s time to question them all – starting with those about cost-saving and efficiency. A certain kind of … Read more

Dynamic markets need dynamic metrics

Inflexible ways of analysing advantage should be put out to pasture  Stock markets are central to the functioning of the capitalist system. Yet certain metrics used by stocks analysts create obstacles for companies that are competing to create what I call ‘waves of transient advantage’.  In traditional strategy, having a ‘sustainable’ competitive advantage was the … Read more

Arenas, not industries, are the new business battlegrounds

The old tools don’t work anymore, writes Rita Gunther McGrath [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The long postwar period of expansion of the US economy gave us many things. Steady economic growth. Bold new industries that operated on a global scale. The rise of the information worker. And many of … Read more