This is a moment for personal and organizational reinvention

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Innovation must have purpose, writes Sanyin Siang Google the words ‘innovation and business’ and you’ll get nearly a billion results, showing just how far innovation occupies the minds of business leaders today. And why not? In a volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) world, the rules that our predecessors operated … Read more

Three strategies to boost creativity

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Mike Canning learns how harnessing our imagination holds the key to success In The Origins of Creativity, Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist EO Wilson says, “Creativity is the unique and defining trait of our species.” This will certainly be the case in the business world in the 2020s. As the rate of … Read more

Who will you be?

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Personal growth can only happen if we know who we want to be, says Sanyin Siang “We are not yet what we shall be.” These words, attributed to 16th-century theologian Martin Luther, are among my favourites in offering a mindset for living. They undergird my philosophy as a CEO coach … Read more

Common understanding about business efficiency was a casualty of the pandemic

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Rita Gunther McGrath corrects some incorrect assumptions When the ratio of assumption to knowledge is high, spending a lot of time on elaborate spreadsheets is senseless. Post-Covid-19, assumptions have the upper hand. It’s time to question them all – starting with those about cost-saving and efficiency. A certain kind of … Read more

The GC People Leader Series meets…Game Changer, Implementer and Polisher Valeria Ponis

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series Roxana Radulescu, Founder and Consultant at GC Partner All Personal, talks to Valeria Ponis, Corporate Development Manager at Deloitte Canada, about what it is to be a leader and how her natural proclivities support her in her leadership role. Educated at the University of Rome Tor … Read more

Longing to belong

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Shared values create a powerful sense of meaning As an immigrant who came to the US at a young age, the word ‘belonging’ holds special meaning for me. Being an immigrant, or in any way a ‘first generation’ in leaving one community and entering another, can be deeply unsettling. You … Read more

Arenas, not industries, are the new business battlegrounds

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The old tools don’t work anymore, writes Rita Gunther McGrath The long postwar period of expansion of the US economy gave us many things. Steady economic growth. Bold new industries that operated on a global scale. The rise of the information worker. And many of the concepts strategists rely on. … Read more

Make culture visible before you change it

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Rise to greet the unseen hand, writes Liz Mellon There’s an apocryphal story about a group of monkeys, whose keepers prevent them from reaching a tempting bunch of bananas by spraying them with water. Once the monkeys have learned to keep away from the bananas, one by one, the keepers … Read more

Is ruthless self-interest the only way to reach the top?

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Piers Cain discovers the dark arts of getting ahead   How far would you go to get a promotion? Would you take credit for another’s work? Steal their ideas? Double-cross someone who has gone out of their way to help you? Lie? Betray a friend? Leave jobs half-done, only doing … Read more