The Q word

Marketing is full of words that have lost their meaning. We need to be more precise READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I hate quality. I do, I really hate quality. I don’t think there is a more over-used and under-valued word in marketing. It has become meaningless. Everything is ‘quality’, from quality soap powder to … Read more

A new generation of brands

Data-driven and digitally native brands have many advantages – yet dangers lurk READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A new generation of brands is reshaping the business landscape. Centred on technology, content and entertainment, brands like Spotify, PillPack and Warby Parker are disrupting long-established markets. They are creating a world of seamless and frictionless convenience, with … Read more

Five trends that will reshape medical marketing

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Like any field, medicine needs great marketing. Giles Lury asks, how will it change after Covid-19? As with many debates, arguments about what will happen after the Covid-19 crisis often quickly descend into the binary: everything will change, or nothing will change. It’s black or it’s white. When it comes … Read more

It’s great to do good, but brands need to make profits too

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Giles Lury urges companies to repurpose their purpose In the ‘good old days’ before Covid-19, brands were under pressure to shift their focus away from just delivering stakeholder returns. We were living in a world of growing activism: from #MeToo to Extinction Rebellion, from les gilets jaunes to Greta Thunberg. … Read more

Go beyond celebrating the women in marketing

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The industry should do much more to celebrate the contributions of women in marketing Marketing is an industry in which women excel and have done so for decades. Yet if you were to ask people in the industry who were the leading all-time marketers, you would most likely hear the … Read more

Your brand: an agent of change

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Great brands change the world, says Giles Lury Brands drive change. They change categories, markets, and habits. They are sources of ideas, of products, services and innovations that help drive change. Through relationships with their stakeholders, their employees and us, the general public, brands have the budgets, the breadth and … Read more

Inspiring innovation

Successful brand inspiration and innovation spring from many surprising sources READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I’ve just finished writing a new book, Inspiring Innovations. At heart it’s simply a story book for marketers, offering some 75 tales, all intended to help them find their business’s next big thing. Having completed the manuscript, I’ve been able … Read more