Q3, 2021 – Available now!

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION When trying to drive change on tough social and business issues, are leaders best served by framing their case in moral or economic terms? It is a question that has been playing out in discussions about workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) over recent years. Extensive research has built an … Read more

Dialogue Q2, 2021 – Available now!

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The pandemic has been marked by “the rise of e-everything”. Consumers are “e-browsing, e-buying, e-paying, e-media-consuming” in unprecedented numbers. Such, at least, is the view of Alan Jope, chief executive of the Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant Unilever. “We expect that will continue,” he added: “We can rely on people’s use of … Read more

Letter from America

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The time is ripe for this practical guide to the assumptions and norms that inform American business behaviour and corporate culture. Working with Americans is the work of Allyson Stewart-Allen, a Californian who has lived and worked in London for over three decades, advising on transatlantic business, and Lanie Denslow, … Read more

Dialogue Q1, 2021 – Available now!

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The first rule of Fight Club: “You do not talk about Fight Club.” So says Chuck Palahniuk’s iconic character, Tyler Durden, in the eponymous novel made famous by the Brad Pitt film of 1999. Leaders wrestling to reshape their company’s culture should maintain a similar omertà – at least, that’s … Read more