An inflection point for inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Creating diverse and inclusive organizations is a bigger imperative than ever. Leaders need to pick up the pace Our consciousness of systemic racism and inequity is heightened. The wave of protests and social unrest that followed the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have combined with the … Read more

Hacking inclusion

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION To make connections in diverse groups, target the brain’s pattern recognition systems Diversity and inclusion requires a hacker’s mindset. At a personal leadership level, better understanding how the brain works can equip you to build more diverse and inclusive relationships. While corporate and political leaders work to engineer professional and … Read more

Waking up to diversity risk

It’s time boards paid attention. Diversity, equity and inclusion issues could be material risks to your business  READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Corporate boards and management seem to be finally waking up to the fact they must pay attention to a range of intangible risks – among them, environmental, social, governance and technology risks (ESGT … Read more

Inclusion, from the top

Company boards should steer organizations towards inclusivity READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Diversity is only half the challenge. Assembling voices from myriad backgrounds – diversity – is a futile endeavour unless those voices are heard. Encouraging those voices – and amplifying them – is the crux of inclusivity. And it is the key to advancing … Read more

Where women thrive

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION How can organizations create inclusive cultures for women to lead? It’s a viewpoint we often hear. “Inclusion of women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business” – with the persuasive emphasis on the latter part of the phrase. But at a recent programme for global … Read more

A job for everyone

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Hiring for diversity-related roles is booming. It’s a good first step for organizations seeking to become more inclusive – but the work can’t stop there  In recent years, we’ve seen a proliferation of diversity-related positions in organizations. The post of chief diversity officer has become increasingly commonplace as businesses have … Read more

A diverse set of superpowers

Working in teams makes inclusion essential READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I believe everyone has at least one unique, innate, instinctive capability that is core to their being. I also believe that sometimes these capabilities are so intuitive that we fail to recognize them in ourselves. I call these strengths superpowers. Mine is helping others … Read more

Making inclusion a reality

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION How are organizations around the world creating more inclusive cultures? Kevin Anselmo and Patrick Woodman report The business case for diversity and inclusion is now indisputable. According to PwC, 85% of companies with a formal diversity and inclusion strategy reported an improved bottom line. McKinsey has shown that firms in … Read more

Inspiration, inclusion and innovation

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Culture has been at the heart of far-reaching business transformation at Jacobs, writes Shelie Gustafson Transformation starts with culture. This has been the reality for us at Jacobs on our journey to evolve from an engineering and construction firm to a technology-forward solutions provider. The journey started when Steve Demetriou … Read more