Leadership, Mars-style

Perseverance was born of curiosity READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Perseverance was well named. The robot rover reached Mars on 18 February, having launched from Earth seven months earlier. Its touchdown on the Red Planet was an amazing feat of science, leadership and teamwork. The most crucial portion of the journey is the end: a … Read more

Bias at her fingertips

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Psychology has long highlighted the disconnect between what people say, and what they do. “I became really interested in a particular kind of stereotyping and prejudice,” says Professor Trish Devine, recalling her experiences 35 years ago at Ohio State University. “Many people at that time were professing egalitarian values and … Read more

Healthcare is changing to benefit everyone

Michael Canning reflects on the human shift facing healthcare READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The healthcare sector is shifting. What is administered, where it is provided, who delivers it, how we pay for it, and what’s required of leaders are changing rapidly and radically thanks to the potent accelerant of Covid-19. Overwhelming hospitalizations have imposed … Read more

Culture shift with Ed and Peter Schein

Ed and Peter Schein say that arrogant individualism belongs in the past READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Edgar ‘Ed’ Henry Schein is a leadership veteran of the old school. He survives Kurt Lewin and Douglas McGregor, two of the greatest thinkers of the post-war age, with whom he worked at MIT. He lived through the … Read more

After hubris comes nemesis

A sense of exceptionalism can be deadly Fareed Zakaria had it right. The host of CNN’s Global Public Square gave his take on the Covid-19 response in late September 2020, considering why some countries have handled the pandemic well, others poorly, and what we can learn. He spoke of a global gulf. East Asia and … Read more

Rewire your brain to cope with chaos

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The brain is able to cope with disorder and uncertainty – if you know how it works The coronavirus pandemic has materially changed the way we think, feel and live. Many leaders are in ‘survival’ mode. They are focused on the real challenges of defending their companies and employees from … Read more

Three strategies to boost creativity

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Mike Canning learns how harnessing our imagination holds the key to success In The Origins of Creativity, Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist EO Wilson says, “Creativity is the unique and defining trait of our species.” This will certainly be the case in the business world in the 2020s. As the rate of … Read more

We must reframe how we measure potential

Thinking outside the nine-box is key, writes Michael Canning [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/dialogue_q2_2019_full_book/13″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Most organizations I’ve worked with use some version of the popular nine-box grid. The tool is designed to capture an employee’s performance, from underperforming to outstanding, and measure their growth potential, from low to high. On … Read more