Does pregnancy put you out of the game?

Renowned workplace consultant and mum, Lynn Taylor, gives her take on the best strategies for handling pregnancy in the workplace Serena Williams won the Australian Open whilst (secretly) two months pregnant. Mandy Minella, instead, told the media she was pregnant when she took to Wimbledon earlier this month. There are clearly different ways of dealing with … Read more

You are invited to the Creative Women Conference

  SAVE THE DATE! #CreativeWomen2017 A very special networking and workshop conference is coming up THIS May 2017! Calling all women in business, entrepreneurs and female leaders! Are you looking for actionable strategies you can use for your business or career? Do you want to meet celebrity speakers and get 1-on-1 advice? How about make … Read more

This much I know: The tech supremo

KC Wu, senior vice president, operations architecture, Cisco speaks exclusively to ahead of her appearance at the GLAM2016 event for training young girls in tech leadership Being able to inspire young girls is important. I grew up in a traditional educational system where it was very structured. I learned quickly, however, that no matter … Read more

The Fifa fixer

  Nothing fazes Sindi Mabaso-Koyana, the South African businesswoman appointed to clean up football’s global governing body, Fifa [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] How do you solve a problem like Sepp Blatter? The first step is to find someone who really, passionately wants to fix it. The world’s favourite sport … Read more

The female quota fallacy

  Think quotas are the key to getting women into leadership roles? Think again, writes Shaheena Janjuha-Jivra [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Gender diversity in leadership is as big an issue as ever. Some might point to significant strides in women achieving political leadership – with Angela Merkel in Germany … Read more

Fifa’s audit supremo: “Some students didn’t come back – because they had to share with black people”

  Ahead of a major exclusive interview with the Dialogue journal, hear the newly appointed chair of Fifa’s powerful audit and compliance committee Sindi Mabaso-Koyana recount her university experience – when ethnic groups mixed for the first ever time on her university campus in Apartheid-era South Africa. Mabaso-Koyana was speaking to Dialogue editor Ben Walker. Watch … Read more

Power women head for London awards

  Future Leaders Symposium and Award Ceremony takes place tonight in Square Mile This year’s Future Leaders Symposium and Award Ceremony takes place tonight in the City of London. The ceremony, hosted by Dialogue affiliation partner Women in the City, takes place at Farmers & Fletchers Hall, 3 Cloth Street, London EC1. It will feature … Read more

Women just stopped the far-right winning the Austrian presidency

  Huge vote split on sex lines hands Green leftist Austrian premiership after centre-right and centre-left fail to reach final round A remarkable division between male and female voters in Austria has overturned the odds and prevented far-right Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer from clinching the presidency. Female votes handed the Austrian presidency to the … Read more