Dialogue Classic – Resilience redefines the terms for success and survival

  In an uncertain time defined by rapid change, the word “resilience” has taken on new meaning. Resilience is no longer about simply fending off the occasional mishap; the ability to quickly adapt, recover and return reinvigorated is a constant requirement in the business world. Resilient people tend to have what psychologists call an “internal locus of control”. They believe the actions they take … Read more

British lawmakers just told the state to pay for meditation

A 2,400-year-old mind-clearing technique is being explored by governments – and big business, writes Ben Walker An ancient Buddhist practice might be last thing you’d expect lawmakers to lobby for. Mindfulness, a self-help system developed from the eastern religion, is a way of thinking in the moment through secular meditation. It has become popular in … Read more

How to make your brain fit for real life

  Sara Taheri is inspired by The Art of Possible‘s take on neuroscience Want to overcome your fears and confidently approach challenges that you once shied away from? Who doesn’t? This mind-opening book uses the latest findings from neuroscience to provide an insight into how the brain works, and enables us overcome those fears. Central … Read more