How to make your brain fit for real life


Sara Taheri is inspired by The Art of Possible‘s take on neuroscience

Want to overcome your fears and confidently approach challenges that you once shied away from? Who doesn’t? This mind-opening book uses the latest findings from neuroscience to provide an insight into how the brain works, and enables us overcome those fears.

Central to the book’s advice is the need for readers to grasp opportunities that they may have previously overlooked or dismissed.

Through identifying what makes us react positively – or destructively – the book encourages us to examine our fears and explore the emotions and thought patterns that enable us to choose the right actions.

Author Kate Tojeiro explains that, by doing something repeatedly, we can train our brains to become “comfortable with discomfort” and allow the brain to enter an important state referred to as ‘calm yet alert’. This change-embracing mental state is a key message of the book. Included are various techniques to help readers develop this state of mind. Expansion exercises within the book help train the brain.

An 18 step process includes tips, questions, exercises and action plans to demonstrate what is possible in everyday life and enable readers to develop the can do  attitude required to achieve goals faster.

The exercises in this book enable us to see and eliminate the distractive internal noises that interfere with the brain. The message is clear: we can train our brain to focus and work more efficiently, whether dealing with the most extraordinary complex scenarios or the simplest of decision-making. I found Tojeiro’s elegant guide extremely useful.

The Art of Possible