Why leadership has to adapt

Today’s strategic landscape is like nothing ever seen before. We need leaders capable of reconciling dilemmas READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If there ever was a moment when the traditional tenets of leadership were deservedly under the microscope, it is now. Anger in the streets, a pandemic, economic upheaval and inequity, fears about the reach … Read more

Airlines have no room for complacency

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Airlines hold their customers’ lives in their hands and culture is critical to keeping them safe Safety, compliance and reliability are at the heart of my work and underpin everything that United Airlines does. Whether it’s one aircraft or 1,000, safety is our number one concern, for both our passengers … Read more

The best way to think about risk is to build resilience

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Ed Barrows considers a more resilient way of managing risk We live in a world of ever-increasing uncertainty. Where organizations once existed in a state of relative equilibrium buffeted by an occasional shock, major jolts have become the norm for industries and whole economies. From 9/11 and the decades-long war … Read more

Coopetition in the new economy

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leaders need to simultaneously cooperate and compete In the emerging global economy, companies are realizing that a substantial part of their value proposition rests on their ability to forge relationships to add value to their customers.The environment for business is continually changing: technology has enabled new levels of international trade … Read more

The world is less flat

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Covid-19 has checked globalization. It’s time for a new deal between business and people The world, author Thomas L Friedman told us in 2005, is flat. As he quite rightly noted, a series of “flatteners” were even then coming together to globalize supply chains, outsource work, offshore work, and otherwise … Read more

We can prevent the next storm, says infectious diseases expert

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The world failed to learn from 30 years of novel diseases. We must be better prepared for the next pandemic The globalized world of the new millennium has become highly vulnerable to epidemics of infectious diseases. It is a vulnerability that has been underscored by several recent pandemics, including Covid-19. … Read more

How to solve the right problems

Master the art of reframing to make sure you’re focusing on the right things. Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg shows how   How much do we waste – time, money, energy, even lives – by solving the wrong problems?Many people, especially leaders, are good at solving problems. What we tend to be less adept at, as individuals and … Read more

Keeping one eye on the long term

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Camelia Ram looks at how leaders can stay focused on long-term goals in the face of short-term shocks When we make any decision, we are trying to bridge the gap between a current state and some state in the future which we want to be true. The space between those … Read more