China demands diverse content

China’s iResearch Annual Summit explores the internet in 2019 [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] China’s current economic environment is now dominated by Millennial consumers and an accompanying new take on content, concluded China’s top internet experts at the recent iResearch Annual Summit in Shanghai. “We are seeing a major shift … Read more

What will the Chief Financial Officer look like in 2018?

In partnership with The CFO Alliance, Dialogue invites you to participate in the 8th annual CFO Sentiment Study, helping finance executives shape financial and operating plans for 2018. Topics covered include: the economic landscape human capital growth strategy risk management the evolving role of finance, and more [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=””]COMPLETE THE SURVEY[/button] Your exclusive early insights Strategy has a greater role Early … Read more

Twitter lengthens character limit

In a bold move, Twitter allows users to Tweet messages up to twice the length they could previously You might not think it, but Twitter was initially set up to facilitate the communication of “short bursts of inconsequential information”. With the flexibility to buy twitter followers cheap, monthly active user numbers are down to 328 … Read more

Your sneak preview – Drucker Forum 2017

Dialogue brings you a sneak preview of the Peter Drucker Forum 2017 In advance of the annual meeting in honour of leadership theory master, Peter Drucker, the Global Peter Drucker Forum and The Institute of Leadership & Management have put together a 24 page report from some of the most prolific thought leaders on Earth. … Read more

What will I find in my free Q4 2017 issue of Dialogue?

Dialogue Q4 2017 is out September 1st. Here is what you can expect, from the desk of Dialogue editor, Ben Walker [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The ladders are disappearing. The pyramids are inverting. Hierarchies are turning from iron to an amorphous fluid. Leadership is no longer about reaching the top … Read more

2017 Women in the City Future Leaders Award

Recognizing exceptional leadership potential women in the UK, the annual Women in the City Future Leaders Award was last night bestowed amidst rounds of applause and inspirational speeches. As official media partner for the third year in a row, Dialogue brings you up to date with the evening and the award-winner. An evening of glitter, … Read more

Dialogue’s top five crowdsourcing apps

As Crowdsourcing Week 2017 draws to a close, Dialogue presents five crowdsourcing apps connecting the world 5. Waze Need to get somewhere quickly? Real-time data from users’ GPSs is used to advise you on traffic, road accidents and speed traps. Not only will it save you time, but by using the app you are directly helping others … Read more

Bad day at work? You’re not alone…

A survey from OnePoll of 2,000 UK working adults has uncovered the top 10 things that make people “lose their cool” in the workplace  The survey, carried out on behalf of Monarch has examined elements of “niceness” in 2,000 UK working adults. One major conclusion was that being a “nice” person leaves you feeling happier and … Read more

Robots take jobs in post Brexit UK

Labour market could get worse not better for native workers after European exit, writes Ben Walker Robots could snatch jobs from UK voters who hoped leaving the EU would lead to more job opportunities. The warning came as the future of the UK in Europe was plunged into yet more uncertainty following Prime Minister Theresa … Read more