Collective intelligence explored in Seattle

Crowdsourcing Week event highlights the purest nature of crowdsourcing: sharing In October, Seattle hosted crowdsourcing leaders and advocates gather from around the world to discuss trends and developments, from crowdsourcing in machine learning to ‘what’s next?’ in crowd funding. The one-day event was attended by delegates from the US, Canada, Malaysia and more. Featuring 15 … Read more

Dialogue’s top five crowdsourcing apps

As Crowdsourcing Week 2017 draws to a close, Dialogue presents five crowdsourcing apps connecting the world 5. Waze Need to get somewhere quickly? Real-time data from users’ GPSs is used to advise you on traffic, road accidents and speed traps. Not only will it save you time, but by using the app you are directly helping others … Read more

Crowdsourcing Innovation at NASA: Q&A with Amy Kaminski

Can open innovation stimulate critical improvements and breakthroughs that will provide direct benefits to the world? In recent years, many organizations, from small startups to the most well known global organisations, have turned to open innovation to solve their toughest problems and address their R&D needs. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is one of … Read more

Invest with us and change the world

Ethex head of operations Sarah Flood wants to bring social investments into the mainstream What are you and your organization most passionate about? Ethex is the only positive investment and savings platform in the UK: a one-stop shop for the positive, or social investor. We are passionate about growing the positive investment market and taking it … Read more

These crowdfunders just crowdfunded crowdfunding

  Crowdsourcing body practises what it preaches Crowdfunding advice is being financed by crowdfunding, as part of a new venture by a global company. Crowdsourcing Week (CSW), which encourages businesses, charities and governments to embrace crowdfunding as a source of revenue and goodwill from customers and citizens, is behind the project. It wants £80,000 to … Read more

Get ready for the ‘we’ generation

  This week all those interested in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy flocked to the European capital of Brussels to participate in CSW Europe, and Dialogue had a front-row seat.  Renowned Belgium trend watcher and author Herman Konings, set the stage a light with his witty analogies and introduced his concept of cathedral challenges … Read more

Crowdfunding: Financial power to the people by Chris Buckingham

Financing projects via crowdfunding involves choosing the right model, researching competitors, planning your campaign and keeping your crowd enthused and updated, writes Chris Buckingham Crowdfunding is a very generic term but there are two distinct “paths” to the concept; consumer lending (where consumers raise debt for things like a car) and project finance (where people raise funds … Read more