Dialogue’s top five crowdsourcing apps

As Crowdsourcing Week 2017 draws to a close, Dialogue presents five crowdsourcing apps connecting the world

5. Waze

Need to get somewhere quickly? Real-time data from users’ GPSs is used to advise you on traffic, road accidents and speed traps. Not only will it save you time, but by using the app you are directly helping others find quick and cheap routes around your city.

4. LiquidSpace

One of the few mobile applications for desk sharing out there, LiquidSpace allows you book and advertise desk spaces and conference rooms whenever you travel. A good one for freelancers or executives on the go.

3. TaskRabbit

A directory of handypeople in your neighbourhood. Simply select the task you need done, flick through reviews of the suitable helpers, and select – it’s Deliveroo for household tasks.


Making a difference to others has never been so convenient: if you have leftovers or ingredients about to go out of date, OLIO will bring a collection team to your door and bring it to sharing points, benefitting your neighbours and local community.


One of the coolest crowdsourcing apps around, BOINC allows you to work with NASA and cancer research labs whilst you sleep. How? When you’re ready to lay down your phone for the night, the app donates the phones’ computer power to a cause of your choosing, helping teams all over the world to process data and manage projects.