Meet your next productivity app: Nozbe

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Perry Timms is smitten with a new work-management app The market for task/project management tools is a crowded one. Jira, BaseCamp, Asana, Podio, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Monday, Todoist: I’ve tried them all. I settled on Asana, as reviewed here as long ago as 2015. But, having tried Nozbe, I feel … Read more

Dialogue’s top five crowdsourcing apps

As Crowdsourcing Week 2017 draws to a close, Dialogue presents five crowdsourcing apps connecting the world 5. Waze Need to get somewhere quickly? Real-time data from users’ GPSs is used to advise you on traffic, road accidents and speed traps. Not only will it save you time, but by using the app you are directly helping others … Read more

Staff feedback need make you shudder no longer

  Feedback, employee engagement surveys and performance appraisals have become words to strike fear into employees’ hearts. They bring headaches to managers. Motivii ( brings some pain relief. Where the value is really added is in data management, notifications and user activation (i.e. nudges to use the app). Everything else is down to the managers … Read more

Apps for leaders: create your best leadership habits with your device

Standout is the stand out app for leadership, writes Perry Timms There aren’t that many leadership development apps specifically built to help you be the best leader you could be. Sure there’s and a range of productivity apps. Yet to be a better leader requires the focus of habit, learning, application, review and most … Read more

Apps for leaders – Skrumble

  Emails faces an existential threat from another great app, writes Perry Timms Inbox bulging? Calendar stacked? Messages that need responding to from your remote team? Constant series of video calls looking for people’s addresses? Projects in progress that all need checking? Meeting after meeting after meeting getting in the way of doing work and … Read more

Apple just fought right back with its new maps app

  Ben Walker did something surprising on Saturday. He deleted Google Maps from his iPhone I thought the day would never come. After the dismal initial launch of Apple Maps back in 2012, I followed the world and incarcerated the app on some forgotten corner of my home screen (Apple won’t allow users to delete … Read more