Staff feedback need make you shudder no longer


Feedback, employee engagement surveys and performance appraisals have become words to strike fear into employees’ hearts. They bring headaches to managers. Motivii ( brings some pain relief.

Where the value is really added is in data management, notifications and user activation (i.e. nudges to use the app).

Everything else is down to the managers and their people to use as a self-reflective tool; a feedback-sharing tool and a chance to get a sense of how people are feeling. With this tool, it appears you may never dread end of year performance reviews or engagement survey time ever again – the app is based on real-time, regular capture of information as it is relevant and still fresh in people’s minds.

Monday reminders; meeting mode, a dashboard, team analytics and data are available to all not ITALS just ITALS managers which makes this less of a management tool and more of a connecting, sharing and adapting app.

Motivii aggregates all the data, shares it with those who are in team leading positions or divisional leadership roles and, in the case of remote teams, keeps everyone up to speed on how everyone else is feeling and doing.

Motivii is in iOS and Play store as an app but also as a web-app enterprise solution – this is a subscription model for companies based on a monthly fee per employee with a free 14-day trial


Perry Timms is an independent HR/OD practitioner, speaker, writer and CIPD adviser on social media and engagement. Tweet him @PerryTimms