These crowdfunders just crowdfunded crowdfunding

  Crowdsourcing body practises what it preaches Crowdfunding advice is being financed by crowdfunding, as part of a new venture by a global company. Crowdsourcing Week (CSW), which encourages businesses, charities and governments to embrace crowdfunding as a source of revenue and goodwill from customers and citizens, is behind the project. It wants £80,000 to … Read more

Get ready for the ‘we’ generation

  This week all those interested in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy flocked to the European capital of Brussels to participate in CSW Europe, and Dialogue had a front-row seat.  Renowned Belgium trend watcher and author Herman Konings, set the stage a light with his witty analogies and introduced his concept of cathedral challenges … Read more

Where do you go when the banks won’t lend?

Crowdfunding is more than a disruptive innovation. It’s a passion and a new way of doing business, writes Liz Mellon ILLUSTRATION: NICK LOWNDES What is Crowdfunding? It’s a means of raising funding from “friends, family and fools”, as it has been described. You explain your idea to as many people as you can, set up a website for donations and … Read more

Crowdfunding: Financial power to the people by Chris Buckingham

Financing projects via crowdfunding involves choosing the right model, researching competitors, planning your campaign and keeping your crowd enthused and updated, writes Chris Buckingham Crowdfunding is a very generic term but there are two distinct “paths” to the concept; consumer lending (where consumers raise debt for things like a car) and project finance (where people raise funds … Read more

Never grasped crowdfunding? You will now

  This comprehensive A-Z of the new frontier of finance won’t just help you understand crowdfunding, it will help you attract it, writes Dr Liz Mellon  It was Chris Buckingham who helped me understand. Until I met him at a London conference in May 2015, crowdfunding was, for me, just another buzzword. After listening to … Read more