Upgrading our humanity

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION AI and automation may hold the key to a human future, write Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington Exponential change is the new reality. Our analogue, physical-world perspective is constantly being challenged by an emerging digital-world mindset. But while dystopian perspectives often dominate discourse around the potential impacts of … Read more

Towards the human city

Technological solutions alone won’t solve the world’s problems, writes Jonathan Reichental [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/dialogue_q3_2018_fullbook/50″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] The story of the human journey doesn’t end well for us or the planet. The final chapters are unpleasant, and arrive far too early. That is at least my prediction should we fail to … Read more

The power of megatrends

Financial innovation is steered by global shifts, find Terence Tse and Mark Esposito [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/full_book_dialogue_q2_2018_00c75a7dc64042/50″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] It is said that underpinning all movies in history there are ultimately only 36 formulae to tell a story, be they arthouse productions or action-packed blockbusters. In the same vein, in our … Read more

The year of the radical restart

Seminal changes to technology are afoot, writes Anders Indset [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/full_book_dialogue_q2_2018_00c75a7dc64042/44″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] This year will be a year of unusual earthquakes. If 2017 was exciting, expect 2018 to be strange and extreme. The strangeness will be found in the world of technology. The quantum revolution The race is … Read more

Dr Vivienne Ming, Hardwired for humanity

Neuroscientist and meta-learning expert Dr Vivienne Ming says personal sacrifice holds the secret to humans winning the future [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/full_book_dialogue_q2_2018_00c75a7dc64042/28″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Dr Vivienne Ming will probably never read this article. “I have a hard rule. I never read any interviews, don’t look at photographs, don’t listen to radio … Read more

Dialogue Classic: The new rules of creativity

[button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/dialogue_q2_2017_full_book/18″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Much of what is needed has already been created. To innovate for the future, you must be able to see it History is no longer a guide to the future. This is how it used to work: once in a blue moon, a major discovery was … Read more

The future of work is today. Are you ready?

Ignore the pessimists. The future is brighter than the past, write Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”https://issuu.com/revistabibliodiversidad/docs/dialogue_q3_2017_full_book/68″]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Look out! In workplaces across the globe, conventional wisdom is being thrown out of the window. Everything around us seems to be in flux – from how we conduct ourselves, to … Read more

Robots take jobs in post Brexit UK

Labour market could get worse not better for native workers after European exit, writes Ben Walker Robots could snatch jobs from UK voters who hoped leaving the EU would lead to more job opportunities. The warning came as the future of the UK in Europe was plunged into yet more uncertainty following Prime Minister Theresa … Read more

China’s flammable ice could set the energy world on fire

It looks like ice. It feels like ice. But it releases energy-rich gas. Has China solved the energy crisis? For countries without their own reserves of oil and gas, the mission to find an alternative energy source has sat at the centre of research for decades. Now, finally, China has become the first country to … Read more

How the workday has evolved

What shapes the workday? Answer: Our understanding of productivity. Our workday has evolved massively in the last 200 years, and, with new understandings of what makes for a productive worker, it could soon be time for the next step… In the past, our understanding of productivity was grounded in the main industries of the period – … Read more