Purpose from the outside, in

Bill Cox inspires with the world outside his window READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Aurecon, a leading international engineering and consulting company based in Asia-Pacific, prizes the human experience. Its chief executive Bill Cox is a Great Mind with a vision that challenges the transactional interpretation of business. Excellence in project delivery is a baseline. … Read more

Michael Chavez’s Great Minds…with AstraZeneca Head of Commercial Learning, Dr Spencer Holt

The door to empathy can be unbolted by a raid on the senses READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Outside his professional life as AstraZeneca’s head of commercial learning, Dr Spencer Holt recently camped in the cold Pennsylvanian autumn to raise awareness of teenage homelessness. “I try to be empathetic, but I need to keep myself … Read more

The empathy quotient with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington grasped empathy before many leaders even talked about it Sometimes it is easier to define a concept by the things that it is not. Empathy, Arianna Huffington realized, is not “quaint behaviour to be trotted out during intermittent holiday visits to the food bank”. Her epiphany came during a conversation with the late … Read more

How to shape a winning agile culture

Leaders need to understand the components of a great culture for the digital age – and the levers for achieving change For many leaders, culture is one of the most nebulous concepts in business. It’s talked about constantly and blamed for lots of problems, but rarely seems well understood. Yet we know it’s powerful: when … Read more

Inclusion first, then diversity

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Businesses who flip diversity and inclusion deliver winning results Stars and stripes; mac and cheese; tops and tails. Many common pairings are expressed only one way around. Diversity and inclusion is similar. Rarely do we see the pairing reversed thus: inclusion and diversity. Yet one Great Mind has indeed switched … Read more

Rehumanize your leadership

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Organizations thrive when they meet humanity’s hardwired needs for purpose and empathy, write Sudhanshu Palsule and Michael Chavez The last evolutionary upgrade to the human brain was the development of the pre-frontal cortex, approximately 70,000 years ago. It set us apart from all other species and, over time, allowed human … Read more

Enter the chief purpose officer

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Roche India’s Lara Yumi Tsuji Bezerra sets an example for organizations The C-suite is growing in names as well as number. Where there were once a CEO and a CFO, the COO, CMO and CDO are now key roles. As the scope of business responsibilities has broadened, so has the … Read more

Search for your inner purpose

For many, purpose with a small ‘p’ is easier to access, writes Michael Chavez READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION When a firefighter runs into a burning building to save someone from the smoke, she’s not thinking much about the profit and loss of her local brigade. People who work in frontline services – fire, ambulance, … Read more

Dialogue Classic – Leaders who can energize others are worth their weight in gold

The best leaders know how to boost their organization’s energy levels. That’s the way to make good companies great, writes Michael Canning it doesn’t take a physicist to remind us of the power – and, sometimes, beauty – inherent in a force of nature. While most of us are unconsciously aware of, and act in accordance with, forces of nature, for … Read more