Banking: in pursuit of purpose

The forward-thinking bank-chief Shayne Elliott embodies the power of purpose in commerce [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] At one time, banking was a simple pursuit based almost entirely on the making of money. Banks would generate income by lending money to consumers at a higher rate than central banks. And … Read more

London’s allure too much for want-away HSBC

  Improved tax position, time zone advantages and world-class talent pool keep Chinese banking giant in UK capital London has dodged an industrial body blow after Chinese banking giant HSBC abandoned its bid to move its headquarters to East Asia. The bank, which is based in London’s Docklands district, had planned to move ‘home’ to Hong … Read more

Why Santander is beating all-comers in the race to digitize

  The banking industry has yet to understand the digital economy fully. But with careful strategy, it can join the digital revolution, writes José Maria Fuster Van Bendegem ILLUSTRATION: NICK LOWNDES What should the bank of the future look like? Let’s remove ourselves from today’s banking system and instead imagine where we will stand within a decade. We will be … Read more

Where do you go when the banks won’t lend?

Crowdfunding is more than a disruptive innovation. It’s a passion and a new way of doing business, writes Liz Mellon ILLUSTRATION: NICK LOWNDES What is Crowdfunding? It’s a means of raising funding from “friends, family and fools”, as it has been described. You explain your idea to as many people as you can, set up a website for donations and … Read more