These crowdfunders just crowdfunded crowdfunding


Crowdsourcing body practises what it preaches

Crowdfunding advice is being financed by crowdfunding, as part of a new venture by a global company.

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW), which encourages businesses, charities and governments to embrace crowdfunding as a source of revenue and goodwill from customers and citizens, is behind the project.

It wants £80,000 to expand its events business and develop its e-consultancy and learning services. It has already attracted almost £24,000 in funds.

Epi Ludvik Nekaj, founder and chief executive of CSW, said: “Our company is built upon a diverse community of crowd experts, partners and sponsors. We want to build crowd capital together, and allow CSW to be owned by many. This initiative will strengthen our core values and mission as a company focused on building collaborative futures.”

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