Bad day at work? You’re not alone…

A survey from OnePoll of 2,000 UK working adults has uncovered the top 10 things that make people “lose their cool” in the workplace 

The survey, carried out on behalf of Monarch has examined elements of “niceness” in 2,000 UK working adults. One major conclusion was that being a “nice” person leaves you feeling happier and more productive at work.

But what about the days when it’s hard to be “nice”? What about bad days?

Having a bad day or getting frustrated is very common. So common, in fact, that the survey also examined the top 10 things that make someone “lose their cool”.

And, if just one of these applies to you, you should take comfort in knowing that you are not alone:

1.     Rude colleagues

2.     Rude customers and clients

3.      Rude managers

4.      Rude emails

5.      People who don’t say please/thank you

6.      Negative feedback

7.      Last minute tasks

8.      Favouritism

9.     Traffic

10.    Arguments at home

Many of us experience frustration and disappointment in the workplace; now, we just have to work out how to deal with it, and return to our strong, kind, “nice” selves.

For some ideas as to how you might start about ridding yourself of a bad mood, we can look to the worlds of science and psychology:

  • Breathe deeply – our brains can interpret anger as a response to a physical threat. A few deep breaths are enough to reassure yourself that you are not in any danger
  • Count to 10 – just ten seconds is enough time for your brain to “calm down” after a sudden rush of anger
  • Find your muscles are tensed, as if ready for a fight? Take control of this natural reaction by purposely clenching every muscle in your body, then relax. Do this several times.
  • Think about the “big picture” or your long-term goal – this helps you to keep the thing that upset you in perspective.