The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond

Singapore shows that government, corporations and start-ups all have a role in driving digital transformation across society, says Michael Netzley READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Good ideas often share easily. Consider, for example, paper moving westward from China along the Silk Road, or the industrial revolution spreading globally from England. Today, one might look at … Read more

Starting up a start-up culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Agility, constant learning and customer obsession underpin world-class banking When you hear about a large, established business yearning for a start-up culture, what comes to mind? For most it is some version of more speed and efficiency, and fewer operational disconnects. As big organizations look to rediscover the vitality of … Read more

Not all startups are created equal, says Li Zhigang

In advance of the 2018 Newtop100 CEO Summit, Dialogue’s Kirsten Levermore and Xingyu Wang caught up with NewTop100 founder and best-selling author, Li Zhigang to discuss investing in start-ups and the challenges we all face in today’s world Departing an illustrious career as a senior journalist at Bloomberg Businessweek/China and Nanfang Metropolis, Li Zhigang got … Read more