Negotiate like a woman

Everyone wins, including men, when feminine leadership behaviours take centre stage READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If someone said that you “negotiate like a woman”, what would you think? Would you think they meant you were too emotional? Would you take it as an insult, insinuating that women are no good at negotiation? Negotiation has … Read more

App for Leaders: Facilitating virtual collaboration

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Miro facilitates virtual collaboration, writes Perry Timms With virtual, remote or home-based working suddenly the norm in 2020’s pandemic-affected world, what tools could help recreate some of the in-person moments we’re missing? Miro is one candidate. It replicates the use of sticky notes on a whiteboard for creative thinking and … Read more

Do you play well with others?

Executives that learn to help each other build better companies, writes Marshall Goldsmith [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]JREAD THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Do you play well with others? This is a great question. And, it’s incredibly helpful if you answer it honestly. Your answer could lead to your success or demise as a leader. … Read more

‘Wealthy nations should shelter refugees’

  The wealthy European club of 500 million people should make space for the thousands of refugees fleeing from wars, says the London School of Economics’ Philippe Legrain European leaders are weak and divided, at just the time when they need to collaborate to drive change, the senior fellow at LSE told delegates. The former … Read more

This is why learning in a sharing economy is a challenge for HR departments

  Embracing collaborative learning means breaking the mould of much standard in-house training The sharing economy has changed everything. No longer do Londoners have to wait in the rain to hail on overpriced cab. They just press the screen on an app, and it appears, taking them to where they want to go at half … Read more

How Benjamin Franklin forecast cutting edge learning technology

  Team working and interactivity makes you learn faster “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” So said US President Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s words still ring true today – active involvement is the quickest way to absorb information and ideas. Franklin uttered his famous quote in the 1700s. … Read more

Don’t know what multilateral learning is? You will soon

  Books are better when their readers interact with them, writes Marcelino Elosua You once knew how it worked. You picked up a business book, you read it, you put it back on the shelf. That book had just one use and essentially a single lifespan. But what if business learning became interactive? Imagine that … Read more

Special report: Why the sharing economy will change business learning

In a special report for, business books entrepreneur Marcelino Elosua forecasts how the sharing economy will transform the industry The advent of digital personal technologies, such as smartphones, tablets and smart watches has led to a boom in reading and writing. We read and write more than ever before. But this reading and writing differs in … Read more