Healthcare is changing to benefit everyone

Michael Canning reflects on the human shift facing healthcare READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The healthcare sector is shifting. What is administered, where it is provided, who delivers it, how we pay for it, and what’s required of leaders are changing rapidly and radically thanks to the potent accelerant of Covid-19. Overwhelming hospitalizations have imposed … Read more

Care and compassion need to be hard-wired into digital systems

Sanyin Siang considers the human side of technology READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Digital technology has played a significant role in our lives since the pandemic upended our plans for 2020. Our interactions with other human beings have primarily been through machines. My kids are learning in virtual classrooms. We are celebrating major holidays through … Read more

A brief guide to digital technology

Leaders need to understand the basics of new technologies and how they can drive transformation. Mark McDonald explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The economy of the 2020s is a digital economy. Digital technology is making business activities and resources more information-intensive and more connected than ever before, and transformation using digital technology is near … Read more

Michael Chavez’s Great Minds…with AstraZeneca Head of Commercial Learning, Dr Spencer Holt

The door to empathy can be unbolted by a raid on the senses READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Outside his professional life as AstraZeneca’s head of commercial learning, Dr Spencer Holt recently camped in the cold Pennsylvanian autumn to raise awareness of teenage homelessness. “I try to be empathetic, but I need to keep myself … Read more

The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond

Singapore shows that government, corporations and start-ups all have a role in driving digital transformation across society, says Michael Netzley READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Good ideas often share easily. Consider, for example, paper moving westward from China along the Silk Road, or the industrial revolution spreading globally from England. Today, one might look at … Read more

Virus tech is real and terrifying

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION This pandemic was a mistake. The next might not be The English have a neat take on Hanlon’s razor. “Never attribute to conspiracy,” they say in London, “what can be adequately explained by cock-up.” This is useful to have in mind when analysing world events, the pandemic among them. A … Read more

Making innovation work

Invention emerges from failure, wrong turns and collaboration READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION If we want to live in a world that can feed its growing population and lift everybody out of poverty, we must do more with less. In short, we must innovate – yet, all too often, ‘innovation’ is used as a marketing … Read more

Intelligence sprints

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry,” as 18th-century Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote. The perils of a VUCA world, it’s safe to say, were not on Burns’ mind: but if that truth could be observed in 1785, what are the perils of planning in our … Read more

Breakthrough innovation demands a shift in culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Take a leap Too much so-called innovation is dressed-up incrementalism: a series of entirely predictable changes that are minimalist, gradualist and build on what is already there. I prefer to use a word beloved of Charles Darwin. When discussing trends in biological evolution, he talked about the opposite of incrementalism … Read more

Look outward, not upward to grow mighty oaks from acorns

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Growing your company in the 21st century requires you to look outward, not upward The growth of established companies has slowed. Like old oak trees reaching their maximum height, large organizations struggle to expand, losing ground to the competition as they grapple with changes in user behaviour and watch their … Read more