Built for speed

The latest research shines a light on some of the world’s quickest-moving companies READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION One of the traits of an elite athlete is speed. The very best out-pace their opponents, move across the field much faster, and react quicker than their peers. In 2021, the elite athletes of the corporate world … Read more

Five steps for business impact

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Creating value is about exceeding expectations. For any business decision, we must understand the expectations of the decision-maker, and provide a path to exceed those expectations. For leaders and managers seeking approval from their colleagues in the finance function for new projects and initiatives, this is an increasingly urgent priority, … Read more

Stay fast and focused

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The latest research on business agility from Joe Perfetti underlines the imperative for leaders to move at pace The Covid-19 crisis has taught business the importance of speed. With brutal clarity, we have seen that what matters in business is not just how profitable a company is; it is also … Read more

Rethink risk – you can gamble on probability theory

If you want a business that relies on skill, and not blind luck, then it’s time to brush up on probability theory. Professor Joe Perfetti explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Ask most people to define risk in business and they will say it is about whether you make or lose money. Yet Apple had … Read more