Bias at her fingertips

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Psychology has long highlighted the disconnect between what people say, and what they do. “I became really interested in a particular kind of stereotyping and prejudice,” says Professor Trish Devine, recalling her experiences 35 years ago at Ohio State University. “Many people at that time were professing egalitarian values and … Read more

The rise of digital leadership

As the technology revolution accelerates, Ryan McManus considers the leaders organizations need to succeed READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leadership in the analogue economy was relatively straightforward: competitors were largely fixed, investment flows were primarily into established companies, the pace of innovation was tame and primacy was placed on the efficiency of operations at scale. … Read more

The six states of being

It is all too easy to fixate on what we’re doing. An era of fast change demands we refocus on who we want to be. Ben Renshaw explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION I have been driven by ‘doing’ all my life. I grew up attending the world-renowned Yehudi Menuhin School for aspiring musicians in … Read more

Introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between: We are all ambiverts now

A world of emergent strategy demands that leaders be flexible in how they behave. Karl Moore explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Since Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet came out in 2012, introverts have been finally getting the recognition they deserve as leaders. In the past, it was widely held that only extroverts could thrive as … Read more

How to measure work

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION How we measure work – the time it takes to do something – has been the subject of debate since FW Taylor’s famous writing on the ‘science’ of management. Today, the idea of ‘work sizing’ – estimating an amount of work – is coming into its own as a way … Read more

The people-focus is becoming real

Leaders’ priorities are changing for the better, writes Kate Cooper READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION People are back in fashion. The priorities of business are shifting from compliance with rules and regulations to the needs of human beings. If there is one good thing to emerge from this pandemic, it’s organizations’ slow realization that trusting … Read more

Andile Nomlala, The Equalizer

Black Management Forum president Andile Nomlala wants a participatory entrepreneurial economy to shape South Africa’s future READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Sometimes, emergency leads to rescue. “There is a parable that says that this world is the best of all possible worlds and everything in it is a necessary evil,” says Andile Nomlala. Much of … Read more

The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond

Singapore shows that government, corporations and start-ups all have a role in driving digital transformation across society, says Michael Netzley READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Good ideas often share easily. Consider, for example, paper moving westward from China along the Silk Road, or the industrial revolution spreading globally from England. Today, one might look at … Read more