Don’t drown in the urgent

Mara Green puts a journal for procrastinators through its paces

The quest for greater efficiency and more freedom has led me to some strange life hacks. I journal constantly. I plan excessively. I make lists for everything. Sometimes, it leads to a less chaotic and more productive lifestyle. Sometimes, not.

Trips to the self-improvement section of any bookstore see hundreds of planners, journals and guides, each with their own distinctive style and angle. Personal development, time management, priority juggling, wellness, exercise, you name it.

My choice this year is the Trigg Life Mapper.

A page-a-day productivity companion, Trigg Life Mapper aims to help you architect and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Zooming out to examine the bigger picture, the turquoise leather-look journal encourages you to plan your long-term milestones for the year across four categories: self, relationships, passions and work. It then helps you stay the course by honing your attention to goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a phenomenal medley of quotes from a diverse set of folks, and unique provocative questions to grow your understanding and establish new practices, habits and routines.

‘Daily quad’ tables ask you to establish your priorities: what is important, what can be delegated, plans for tasks you will inevitably delay, and what should be delayed. It’s ideal for when you’re drowning in the urgent, but failing to cross
the important items off your checklist.

Being asked to sort the ‘urgent’ from the ‘important’ is part of what makes this one of the more advanced journal formats around. That also means the journal works best if this isn’t your first trip to the self-help rodeo, and you already know what you are doing.

Ultimately, the journal is a great tool for the procrastinator. It is also a great guide for those trying to be more intentional in their actions, with emphasis on achievement, accountability and some gratitude. So, when you’re brave enough, get ready to upgrade your to-do list and optimize your performance and productivity. You will achieve your goals. And break free from life’s load!

— Mara Green is project director at Duke Corporate Education

— Trigg Life Mapper, Moving Stationery,