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 The New Customer
The customer used to always be right. Now they are your best friend. The change in the relationship with our customers – from transactional servitude to collaborative partnership – has transformed the selling economy. The advent of sharing businesses, a change in the role of brands, and a shift in employee and customer values have led a permanent revolution, facilitated by the rapid penetration of social and digital media. The customer-supplier relationship has altered forever. This is the era of the new customer. It’s time to meet them.
☛ Dan Ariely ☛ Christian Madsbjerg ☛ Sandra Cariglio ☛ John Bovill ☛ Ian Turner ☛ Liz Mellon ☛ Anders Indset

Also in this issue

☛ Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez – The focus formula
☛ Dr Linda Papadopoulos – The consumer psychologist
☛ Marshall Goldsmith – Your director is your client

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