Introducing The GC People Leader Series

Hosted in partnership with The GC Index®, The GC People Leader Series meets leaders around the world who are changing the game for the better

Can great leaders also be good leaders? Debated in print in the most recent issue of Dialogue, is proud to continue the conversation with the brand new GC People Leader Series, in partnership with The GC Index, the leading organisation providing a framework and language to help people make a positive impact.

Launching later this month, The GC People Leader Series blends short film interviews and written Q&As with successful leaders to share leaders’ impact on their teams and the market, challenges and victories they have encountered, and key lessons they have learned along the way.

“Whether you are a global CEO or a child in a developing country, we all have the ability to make a positive impact in our world,” notes GC Index chief executive Nathan Ott. “I consider it part of our mission to help the organisations and people we work with learn from one another to understand how they can make a game-changing impact. The GC People Leader Series celebrates the journeys of leaders from all walks of life around the world and share their inspiring life lessons and learnings to other aspiring leaders.”

Dialogue is proud to exclusively introduce you to The GC People Leader Series, launching June 27 2019.

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