Video: ‘Trump and Corbyn are fraternal twins’


Dialogue expert columnist blasts hard-right Republican and hard-left Labourite as deluded enemies of globalization 

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and newly elected UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are doomed to fail in their bids to lead their respective nations – because their supporters crave a world that will never exist.

That is the view of Karina Robinson, Dialogue columnist and chief executive of board search experts Robinson Hambro.

In a withering analysis, Robinson says the protectionist Trump and eurosceptic Corbyn are part of an anti-globalization movement that is certain to fail. shutterstock_316073300

Although on opposite sides of the political spectrum, they are twinned by their idealistic and unrealistic opposition to free trade, Robinson argues.

“Trump and Corbyn, one 69 years old and the other 66, both fail John Maynard Keynes’s three imperatives for a balanced government,” she writes. “The economist and statesman wrote: ‘The political problem of mankind is to combine three things: economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty…the third needs, tolerance, breadth and appreciation of the excellencies of variety and independence, which prefers, above everything, to give unhindered opportunity to the exceptional and aspiring.’

“For Corbyn, social justice can be achieved without economic efficiency and individual excellence. This would result in a country with not enough profits to pay for a safety net for the disadvantaged. The reality for Trump, who would lay claim to both economic efficiency and individual liberty, is a country where protectionism kills efficiency and individual liberty applies to some, but not all. And certainly not to the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants who water his many lawns and serve in his many restaurants.”

Read Robinson’s full column here.