Drowning in information? Help is at hand

Drowning in information? Help is at hand, writes Perry Timms

Information overload is here to stay. Some 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and rising. We cannot possibly know all there is to know, yet the temptation to try is always there – along with the fear of missing some game-changing insight.

Now, the machines can help us. Nuzzel learns from you, and then learns for you, giving you the news and industry content you want.

We’ve seen this with apps like Zite, Flipboard, and even good old RSS feeds, but Nuzzel hits another level. Connect it to your social media and it will examine content themes, people, brands and media outlets, learning what you consume, then share or ignore to refine your feed.

It also scans people with similar interests to make sure you don’t miss out. That means you get the headlines that people are actually talking about and sharing, not just over-hyped Facebook fillers.

You can also curate newsletters. This may help or hinder your information consumption; I filtered out Paper.li publications when they got annoying. But if you’re a specialist, a leader of teams/professional areas, or a network/community manager, this feature should appeal. So, too, will the desktop version.

After a free trial period, Nuzzel requires a subscription. It has become my go-to newsfeed mobile app. With quintillions more bytes of data headed our way, Nuzzel might just be our life-jacket in an ocean of information.

Nuzzel is available for Android and iOS

— Perry Timms is an independent HR/OD practitioner, speaker, writer and CIPD adviser on social media and engagement. Follow him on Twitter @PerryTimms